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Missing Linx

the war

Romeo & Juliet: The War

abiding perdition

Abiding Perdition


Warlords: Brotherhood


Hercules: The Uprising

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Rock Star Super Diva

the tower

The Tower

hero petz

Hero Petz

The Tower

A dark wet world.

Enemies knock at the gate.
Enemies knock at the door.
Do not let them in.
Do not ever let them in.
For forty days and for forty nights they will knock...
Live to see those days and the light of the sun will save us.

-Ancient Viking Prophecy


It is the time of the Vikings. They have ruled the sea for the last 100 years and have proven themselves to be great explorers and deadly foes. But, in 1015 everything changed. The days grew short and it rained...and rained. It rained for an entire year. Then the earthquakes hit and the floods broke. The Vikings saw this as a sign of the end of the world, Ragnarock. But it was not the Gods that came to judge on this day. It was the Formorians, water creatures that feed on the life-force of humans.

As the seas rose, the Vikings were forced to leave their beloved waters and move to higher ground. The Vikings tried their best to fight off the innumerable Formorian hoardes but ultimately their numbers were too great. The war between human and Formorian spread until soon huge battles for survival occurred in every continent. Seven years of battle against the Formorians, and seven years of rain, saw the demise of the human race. The last free humans are simple farmers, peasants, women and children, and six weary warriors.

These six warriors led the group to higher ground, to a mysterious tower. This tower was to be mankind's last hope. A last stand against the Formorian lust for domination. Amused, Jormungandr sends the entire Formorian army to the tower to wipe out humanity in a single blow. The humans remember the prophecy... and pray. At the dawn of the First Siege, these six mysterious heroes of legend must unify the last remaining humans. They must prepare for battle and defend the tower.

Co-published with: Arcana

Coming 2012

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