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Hero Petz

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Hero Petz

Hero Petz: The Comic Book

Written by: Dale Mettam
Artwork by: Juan Fleites
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HERO PETZ: The ninja weasels of the Itachi Clan are up to no good in Peludo City. Every attempt to rule the city is thwarted by a band of super hero animals who call themselves the Hero Petz. El Conejito the rabbit, Wonder Squirrel, Steel Shell the turtle, Sensei Penguin-San, Kapitan Brullaffe the monkey and Golden Hamster face off against the most dangerous, furry and cunning criminals in Peludo City. The Hero Petz take it upon themselves to keep watch over the city and protect the innocent. Each issue (episode) resolves around the Hero Petz stopping the villianous Itachi Clan and any other diabolical gang from taking over the city.

"Action, adventure, and masked crime fighting animals in fun stories that will excite the kids and might even have the parents sneaking a look too."

Hero Petz: The Graphic Novel:

Available in Spring 2011

Graphic Novel includes: Hero Petz and the Itachi Clan Ninjas, Hero Petz vs. The Water Zombies, and Hero Petz and The Super Ninja Robots of Doom.

Hero Petz vs. The Water Zombies

In Zandig Beach a new menace has risen. Fortunately SENSEI PENGUIN-SAN, GOLDEN HAMSTER and KAPITAN BRÜLLAFFE are on hand. But even a samurai penguin, a superfast hamster and a crazy monkey might have met their match; discovering the people they need to save are now under a mysterious trance, making them a mindless army, ordered to destroy the HERO PETZ.


With Zandig Beach saved, the HERO PETZ look forward to some quiet time. The ITACHI CLAN have other ideas though and before long all six members oft he HERO PETZ must unite to face an army of SUPER NINJA ROBOTS. But even as the HERO PETZ battle overwhelming odds, they discover the Robots are merely a distraction, intended to keep our heroes busy while the Itachi Ninjas enact their most audacious plan to date... to steal the moon!

Co-published by: Viper Comics


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