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Abiding Perdition


Hercules: The Uprising

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Missing Linx

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Hero Petz

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Romeo & Juliet: The War

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Rock Star Super Diva

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The Tower

Hercules: The Uprising | AVAILABLE 2012

Story Developed by: Terry Dougas
Artwork by: Rob Prior
Available Summer 2011

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 A hundred years from now, the world will be visited by an alien race, and they will not come in peace.

Two hundred years from now, the war with the aliens will end and the human race will be enslaved.

herc1 thumbThree hundred years from now, the aliens will build twelve indestructible mechanical monsters that will control what's left of earth's population.

Four hundred years from now, a group of soldiers and scientists will form a secret society with one goal in mind: To find a way to destroy the machines and free the earth from enslavement.

Five hundred years from now, the group will merge man and machine to create the one weapon capable of saving the human race.



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